Origin Polska bases its actions on models developed over 20 years by Origin – a company based in Canada, where it administers several renowned complexes of rehabilitation centres, as well as senior housing estates. 

The Origin Way is a set of rules governing the process of administering facilities, which we have been scrupulously introducing in Origin in Poland. 

Origin stands for the source of the concept of therapy, care, and rehabilitation boosting the sense of a happy life in a person who is forced to face their disabilities, dependency, or aging. Therefore, our activities aim to make our patients feel well cared for, safe, and happy.

Origin stands for a holistic approach to care and therapy, expressed in individually selected daily therapeutic programmes. The essence of our therapy is a lifestyle that is as active as possible, combined with an appropriate diet and relevant professional care. The key to the sense of wellness, harmony, and health is inspiring your body, mind, and spirit at the same time. This is how we will help you to be self-sufficient and active for as long as possible. 


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