An exceptional estate with a sea view

The plot of land in Mechelinki offering a spectacular view of the sea is a place where a large Origin ReVital Mechelinki estate will be built in the module technology. The complex will comprise – inter alia – Centrum Origin with over a thousand square metres of floor space intended for rehabilitation and therapy, including an aqua-fitness pool and state-of-the-art robotic rehabilitation equipment. The complex will serve all age groups. A separate apartment building dedicated to senior residents will constitute its integral part.

Kristof Jacunski, co-founder and Director General of Origin Polska and Origin Investment: ‘Our goal is to become Poland’s leader in the field of neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation and services dedicated to senior citizens. In order to achieve this goal, we design our facilities in line with the principles of therapeutic architecture and we furnish them with the latest and most innovative therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment available in the world today. We train our staff according to top standards, with the support of our sister company based in Canada. Centrum Origin Gdynia constitutes the next step in building a nationwide chain of rehabilitation and residential spaces addressed to senior citizens.

‘Otwock near Warsaw has been home to Centrum Origin Otwock for over a year now, and we are about to open Centrum Origin Kraków. We count on long-term cooperation with Pekabex, both at the construction of the estate in Mechelinki and in our subsequent investments. We are particularly enthusiastic about the development of senior housing as this model has proven itself globally, offering senior citizens an opportunity to have healthy and safe lives, deprived of everyday worries. Nowadays, serious risks for human health and life caused by the pandemic have demonstrated the importance of safe accommodation in well-organised and managed senior communities. In the years to come the healthcare and rehabilitation sector will see an enormous increase in investments worldwide. Hence, we seek partners and investors who share our vision of further development today. Pekabex is our first, strategic partner. ‘

Robert Jędrzejowski, CEO of Pekabex S.A.: ‘I am happy Pekabex has been selected as a partner for such a big investment of Origin Group. We have been diversifying and extending our activities, erecting buildings in the advanced module technology, taking into account the needs of our society – which in itself has been undergoing dynamic demographic changes. State-of-the-art rehabilitation and senior services belong to the healthcare sector, which will be constantly growing. And a large player such as Pekabex is able to provide its specialised partner – Origin Polska – with proper support’.