We are aware of the importance of a comprehensive approach; that is why our entire team supports the recovery of our patients.

Origin ReVital Programme

The Origin ReVital Programme is a programme of comprehensive activisation, comprising a number of strengthening treatments and individual classes. The programme is addressed to people of all ages who would like to take care of themselves, improve their mobility, strengthen their muscles, gain vitality, and relax in charming surroundings.

Programme participants avail themselves of state-of-the-art gym equipment, as well as a cryosauna, a hyperbaric chamber, a zero-gravity treadmill, and a negative pressure machine for lower limbs stimulation – a very effective method of preventing blood clots and varicose veins. The offer also includes an innovative device for the treatment of urinary incontinence and/or sexual dysfunctions – this method does not violate the patient’s intimacy.

Check out the advantages of the ReVital Programme:

• cardiac prevention
• fall prevention
• improvement of flexibility and activation of all muscle groups
• body weight reduction
• body shaping and prevention of body posture defects
• specialised musculoskeletal physiotherapy
• body revitalisation through tissue rejuvenation
• prevention of dementia diseases and Parkinson’s disease

Origin ReVital Senior Programme


The Origin ReVital Senior Programme is an equivalent of Origin ReVital, adapted to the needs and possibilities of individuals with limited physical fitness, psychomotor performance, or in poor health.

All general development classes, additionally enriched with occupational therapy and psychotherapy, take place under the watchful eye of a physiotherapist and a trained medical carer.


The zero-gravity treadmill enables running training reducing gravitational load and body weight even by 80%. Extraordinary precision of the treadmill allows to precisely define the range where the exercise is painless, whereas the therapy is effective. Its unique technology minimises the load and training effects caused by walking or jogging, as well as allows to gradually recover full fitness in natural conditions.



A top-generation hyperbaric chamber for 1 person intended for hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic method consisting in supplying 100% oxygen under increased pressure. Oxygen is supplied even to dormant body cells, oxygenating them intensely and slowing down the aging process.

During a 45-90-minute session you can relax, read a book, etc.

It is recommended to have 10 or more sessions.



A cryogenic chamber for 1 person, intended for individual systemic cryotherapy treatments, which enhance blood and lymph circulation in your body.
It boosts your metabolism and tones your body, improving your mobility.

Temperature during the procedure: from -100 to -160 degrees Celsius

Procedure duration: up to 3 minutes.

Clothes to be worn in the cryosauna: swimsuit (women), swim trunks (men), thick socks up to your knees, protective footwear, e.g.: clogs, and gloves – preferably cotton gloves. Take off your jewellery before entering the cryosauna.



A state-of-the-art apparatus of the latest generation for chronic pain management in musculoskeletal issues, making use of the “pain gate” theory.

The shockwave boosts collagen production by causing microinjuries of tissues. At the same time, it improves their blood supply and accelerates the elimination of side effects of metabolism.



The latest magnetotherapy device on the market, applied predominantly for issues with pelvic floor muscles and episodes of back pain. Urinary incontinence is a frequent problem – it has diverse etiologies and can accompany problems with the urinary bladder, urethra, and pelvic floor structures.

Procedures with the application of Salus Talent are completely non-invasive and they do not affect the patient’s intimacy in the slightest. As the electromagnetic field penetrates through layers of clothes, the procedure does not require undressing, which additionally improves the patient’s comfort.

The Salus Talent device is applied in combination with a specially constructed comfortable armchair, in the seat of which the physiotherapist places an electromagnetic disc. The patient sits down in the armchair and is subjected to the electromagnetic field for a period of 20 minutes.

One therapeutic session lasts ca. 20 minutes – it is usually carried out every other day.

The patient feels better already after 6 sessions – it is recommended to undergo 10 to 12 sessions.



Immediate pain therapy

Thanks to the application of a wide range of frequencies and impulse modulation, SIS reduces pain in acute and chronic diseases.

The SIS device makes use of the latest generation technology. Its operation is based on the high-intensity electromagnetic field (magnetic induction of as much as 2.5T). Through depolarisation of the neuromuscular tissue, each procedure accelerates regeneration processes in regions subjected to treatment.



Sequential pressure massage to clear the lymphatic system – improving the lymph and tissue fluid circulation in the body, offering multiple positive effects, such as acceleration and facilitation of the lymph flow, elimination of lymph stagnation. The air filling the treatment suit acts as a massager.

Stimulation of relevant points on the body brings about better nutrition and function of body cells and appropriate regulation of blood circulation and function of internal organs.

After the massage the skin is firmer and more elastic. The procedure boosts the metabolism of the adipose tissue and the skin, as well as of the subcutaneous regions and muscles. This type of massage prevents peripheral circulatory failure, in particular in the lower limbs.